Nuria Fernández-Cid

Clinical Psychologist
Holistic Therapist

From an early age I felt a deep interest in the human being, in helping people in situations of suffering and inequality.

At 18 I was diagnosed with Lymphatic Cancer. After healing, I fell into a deep depression that led to bulimia and a great disconnection from myself. I did not hesitate to study Psychology, I wanted to learn to deal with my illness and that my itinerary would serve for those who go through situations of pain and an unexpected change in their life.

Thus I began a path in which my professional training started to settle in with my personal experiences.

In the last year of my degree, I did a Specialist Course in Psycho-Oncology at the Quirón Hospital, where I also collaborated as a Co-therapist. When I finished my degree I studied a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology at the Comillas Pontificia University, where I got in touch with Humanistic Psychology and Family Systems Therapy. During these two years I collaborated with the Ciempozuelos Psychiatric Hospital and Amalgama Social. To broaden my perspective, I completed an Integrative Psychotherapy Expert Course where I got specialized in EMDR, a brain integration technique used to relieve psychological stress, trauma and attachment issues.

In this path I came to understand what was happening to me, but there was still something missing. Therefore I began a two-year journey of growth, exploration and study in California.

I studied Esalen Massage at the Esalen Institute, a turning point in my personal and professional career, as I began to connect with myself again, through body and meditation. After this, I studied and experienced various experiential therapies that helped me feel and express beyond words and the mental sphere. This led me to start my studies as a Somatic Movement and Expressive Arts Therapist at the Tamalpa Institute, known for their work in leadership and social transformation.

Simultaneously I studied with Cain Carroll, a therapist dedicated to the cultivation of Self-Healing techniques and spiritual growth, whose work is based on the study and practice of Yoga, Qigong, Buddhism, Taoism and Chinese Medicine.

With everything I learned and experienced I have started the 2be project. I know that the path can sometimes be hard and I would like to accompany you exactly where you are, help you in your acceptance process, provide you with resources so that you can connect with your own ones and help you find balance in life.

If you want to know more about my training and experience you can click on this link