Explora en grupo para crecer individualmente

The group is a wonderful tool that has the power to become a metaphor for family, interpersonal relationships, and the world in general. It allows us to identify our behavior patterns and the roles we tend to play in life. It provides space to practice communication and empathy skills, gain mental flexibility, and become more understanding of others and ourselves.

We rely on an experiential methodology to facilitate each person's transformation through the group. We place special emphasis on experiential learning as it is the most effective way to consolidate and incorporate lessons. Nonetheless, there will also be space for words and concepts, as they provide clarity and understanding.

Through the therapist's guidance, we create spaces where trust and safety are present, giving freedom for exploration and expression. A space where shared experiences facilitate individual growth and vice versa.

Who are our workshops for?

- Professionals in health, psychology, social intervention, or education.

- Individuals interested in achieving better health and greater awareness. People seeking a different way of living and feeling.

What types of workshops do we offer?

- Monographic workshops: Single sessions that address more specific aspects.

- Cycle workshops: Multiple sessions where the content is developed more extensively.