Group Therapy

Just be us

Group growth

The group becomes a metaphor for the family, interpersonal relationships, community and the world in general. It allows us to identify our patterns in life, learn and practice communication and empathy skills, gain mental flexibility, and be more understanding and compassionate. This teaches us to be more present, authentic and empathetic with ourselves and with others.

We give importance to information, words and concepts, as they give us clarity and understanding, yet they only represent one version of reality. Due to this, we consider it essential to incorporate experience, in order to strengthen and embody the teachings in our being. We can only relate to the truth through our own experience.

Supported by this eminently practical methodology (group dynamics, in pairs and individuals, self-reflection, dialogues, games, improvisation, writing, role playing) we generate spaces where there is confidence and security, giving freedom for exploration, expression and relationship with oneself and others.

We cultivate communication, compassion, connection, awareness, expression and presence, to be together.