Individual Therapy

Just be yourself

Find your own balance

To start your therapeutic process is to start your journey by observing, understanding and accepting the stages you have experienced throughout life. In this process, you will look inside to see where you tend to get stuck, what patterns are automatic and not entirely healthy, what conflicts are unresolved, and what your needs are and how to respond to them. It is about commiting to yourself.

Since childhood, we learn things that prevent us from developing our potential, thus generating difficulties, fears and limitations. Sometimes we go through difficult situations that leave their mark on us in the form of trauma. They can become a heavy weight that makes it difficult for us to move forward. Having a safe place allows you to bring to the surface information you need to see in order to generate changes and improvements, and therefore connect with your inner strength.

Through psychology, movement, and art, we work to recognize patterns that weaken the relationship with ourselves and with those around us. We emphasize values ​​such as self-love, respect, compassion, and acceptance.

Together we will explore how you are inside, what you need and how you relate to the different areas of your life, focusing on those where you need it the most.

Individual Sessions are at:
– Madrid, Chamberí. Calle Rodriguez de San Pedro 13.

- Online. Via Zoom or Skype.

If you want to make an appointment, briefly tell us your situation through this link. We will be happy to listen to you and contact you in less than 24 hours