The 2be Method

Just be

Our grounding philosophy

Our intention is to guide you towards better self-understanding and trust. You will learn to think and live creatively, as well as develop compassion, communication and social skills with practical resources to take away and apply in your daily life.

Our primary goal is for you to learn the importance of developing an honest and loving attitude towards yourself, others, and the world around you.

2be uses a multidisciplinary approach based on expression, observation, sensory awareness, movement and dialogue.

Developing better awareness of your body, emotions and mind, you are able to achieve balance and well-being. You are able to just BE.

“We don't taste true satisfaction until we go beyond the veil of our own concepts. We are not free until we stop being defined by what we believe.” Cain Carroll


When confronted with life´s highs and lows, our bodies and mind form ideas, attitudes, expectations and beliefs to protect ourselves. Over time these defense mechanisms become so entwined in how we navigate our lives, that we lose ourselves and can find ourselves limited and penned in. By understanding how and for what reason we developed these mechanisms, we can gradually accept and transform them.

“Calm head, happy heart”. Yes, our heads sometimes wander at great speed and aimlessly, and this generates discomfort and confusion. This is why it is essential to practice meditation, train the mind to be present, to become aware of what is happening in the moment. Mental peace is achieved by living, feeling, interacting and taking responsibility for the present. Being present is the greatest medicine.

"With movement we express the authenticity of who we are; the body expresses what words cannot."


"Life is movement, and without it nothing evolves." Movement is the language of the body and a way to delve into our interior. Through movement we can discover information stored in the body, expand our range of expression, and connect the mind and the body.

In our body, unexpressed emotions are accumulated; unfinished business, information waiting to be seen, identified and released. In order to release these blocks, it is necessary to mobilize the body and free it up.

We practice meditation in movement paying special attention to breathing, focusing on sensations in our entire body and feeling with all our senses.

"Art is a powerful act of magic, a way to shape our terrors and our desires" Pablo Picasso

Art & Creativity

The more creative we are in our way of thinking and acting, the more we can expand our perspective, open new paths, develop our intuition, achieve our goals, adapt to different circumstances and live a full and meaningful life.

We look for creative ways to relate to our history, in order to narrate it and live it accepting the emotion that arises, without judgment. In this way we relate to it from another perspective and we can bring a new vision and understanding.

Art allows us to work with the most difficult material, since it echoes what is inside and brings it to the surface to be expressed and released. By observing and reflecting on it, we become aware of our inner world and can begin to make changes that will be incorporated into our daily life.