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Listen, Release and Move your body

Series of 6 workshops. Mondays 7-9pm (October-December 2021)
Calithai Masajes Studio, Madrid

In our bodies, unexpressed emotions, unfinished affairs, unconscious information are accumulated. In order to release these blocks, it is necessary to move, listen and take care of the body, respecting and accepting what is revealed.

All workshops will have moments of:
- Movement and expresión
- Introspection and reflection
- Sharing and listening to the group

It is aimed at people who want to increase their capacity for self-regulation and connection with their body, reduce the tendency to rumination and acquire practical tools in a dynamic and group way.

The Children of Wisdom

Martes y Jueves desde Julio 2018 – 2020
Retirement home Casablanca El Plantío, Madrid, Spain.

Aging is part of the natural process of the human being. The human organism is constantly growing, like life itself, so it must also be considered as a process in which there are possibilities for personal and social development. It is a space for creativity, relaxation and enjoyment. A space where we look for the personal and the group capacity .

We cultivate physical, mental and emotional health. Working fine and gross psychomotor skills, expression, verbal and non-verbal communication, self-esteem, memory, attention and motivation. We engage with the benefits of visual art, improvisation, movement, breathing and dialogue. And we encourage neural connections, social relationships, and a sense of support and community.

Here you can listen a poem written by one of the participants. Thank you

Explore your Potential

Every Monday from March - June 2019
Altius, Madrid, Spain.

When we go through situations of unemployment, emigration, social exclusion or economic difficulties, it is easy to feel out of place, anxious and unmotivated. This project is designed for each one of us to connect with the potential we have, in order to regain confidence, motivation and hope.

It is a space where you can express yourself and be heard, where you can meet people in your same situation and thus gain understanding and support, where you can cultivate a healthier relationship with yourself and with others. It is a workshop where you can get practical tools to deal with everyday situations and develop affection and compassion, because at the end of the day, it is what helps us develop and awaken our ability to overcome obstacles and to live from our being.

A Journey Inwards

Sunday July 22, 2018
LA.RED Space. Madrid, Spain.

The aim of this workshop is to connect with our body, with our present moment, to let go and gradually enter our inner world. It is a type of movement meditation, guided by music, breathing and the guidelines that the facilitator proposes. All this guided through games and group, partner and individual dynamics.

Starting with slow music and slow movements, we focus our awareness on the lower body. As the energy of the music increases, we move our attention through the different parts of our body, from the base to the head. After having interacted with the most energetic moment, both music and movements will progressively become slower, and the attention will go more and more inward. To finish we will gradually move towards the ground, coming in contact with stillness, calmness and with our inner self.

International Art Lab

Saturday June 16, 2018
Translucent Studio, San Rafael, California

Co-facilitated with Liza Ireland and inspired by the Wu Wei, a Taoist concept that refers to the ability to lose track of time, to enjoy and flow with what you are doing in the moment. We build this workshop where members of different cultures, languages, gender and ages get together through a common language, art.

Music, dance, movement and drawing are the guests in this workshop. The aim is to bring presence and awareness, to massage the muscle of creativity and give free rein to improvisation, to step out of our comfort zone and enjoy ourselves making a journey through the different arts. But above all, to inspire each other and together create music, movement and enjoyment.

“The Roommate”

Monday June 11, 2018
Mountain Home Studio, Kentfield, California.8

When you venture to explore the question Who am I? you find that the only way to start answering it is by bringing awareness. Awareness of your physical body, your experiences, your relationships, your feelings and emotions, your intentions, but above all, awarenness of how you relate to yourself, since it is from here that everything else arises. In this workshop we explore the relationship with our internal dialogue, our "roommate".

Through dynamics of conscious movement, we observe how our roomate is like, what he says, how he says it, when he speaks, how he makes us feel, how we respond, and without changing anything, we simply observe it. After moving and observing ourselves, we begin to relate with our roomate through the creation of visual art and narrative and we end sharing and reflecting with the rest of the group.